What’s in my fridge?

What’s in my fridge?

My Sunday routine is generally the same; sleeping later than 5am, getting an awesome stress-free workout in, enjoying time with Mike, doing laundry, hitting up multiple grocery stores, food prepping for the week, writing, reading, relaxing, recharging, dinner with my parents and taking a nice Epson Salt bath! As we were putting away the groceries, Mike and I were just reminiscing about the old show Cribs on MTV where the camera crew would ask to see what’s in the stars fridge. It hit me, what a perfect blog… a little insight into our kitchen!

We are pretty consistent with what we buy and what’s is kept in the house at all times. We don’t buy junk food, and we stay away from anything packaged, processed, or artificial. Certain items we try to buy Organic (*the “dirty dozen”) and we are very conscious of what’s in our food. Our fridge and pantry are both typically very “clean”!

Remember, if your food can go bad, it’s good for you.

If your food can’t go bad, it’s bad for you!


Here is our weekly “must have staple items” list:

• Almond Milk (usually every 2 or 3 weeks)
• Asparagus
• Apples
• Avocados
• Bananas
• Bell Peppers
• Berries (strawberries, blackberries, blueberries)
• Broccoli
• Brown Rice Cakes
• Brussels Sprouts
• Butternut Squash
• Canned Beans (chickpeas, kidney beans, black beans)
• Celery
• Chicken Breast
• Cucumbers
• Edamame (frozen)
• Eggs
• Ezekiel Bread
• Garlic
• Green Beans
• Ground Lean Turkey
• Kale
• Kiwis
• Lemons
• Lettuce (a greens mix)
• Spinach
• Sweet Potatoes
• Tempeh
• Tomatoes
• Tofu
• Zucchini

Here are some of our must have “extras” & spices:

• Basil
• Braggs Liquid Amino Acids
• Cayenne Pepper
• Chia Seeds
• Chili Powder
• Cumin
• Curry Powder
• Flax Seed
• Garlic
• Ginger
• Ground Black Pepper
• Hemp Seed
• Nutritional Yeast
• Nuts ‘n More Peanut/Almond Butter
• Real Salt
• Turmeric

We have found over the years that the best quality/tasting produce and most cost effective for the amount of produce we eat, actually comes from Costco! We typically get all our produce, poultry, meat, and eggs from there and then the smaller vegan specialty items we will pick up at the local Whole Foods. Yes, the list has meat, poultry, and eggs on it because Mike isn’t a vegan. Although, he does love my vegan cooking :0)
All of our natural protein shakes, protein bars, green powders, vitamins, pre-workouts energy boosters, post-workout electrolytes, and supplements are delivered to the house on an Auto-ship every month; so we never have to worry, or think! Those products are “clean” as well, no fillers, no food dyes, no soy, no garbage, just pure awesome!!!

After all this typing about food, I think it’s time I get moving in the kitchen and make us something yummy!


*the “dirty dozen” refers to foods that have the highest pesticide residues and the “clean fifteen” refers to foods that have the lowest pesticide residues