Terrifying Tabata to burn those Halloween Treats….Muahahaha!!!

Terrifying Tabata to burn those Halloween Treats….Muahahaha!!!

Halloween happens to be one of my favorite Holidays, but not because of the candy. Don’t get me wrong, I do love me some yummy treats! However, I don’t indulge often and if I do then it’s usually ice cream, gooey brownies, or carrot cake; not candy. Plus, after becoming vegan over a decade ago….well, most “over the counter” commonly found candy isn’t vegan.

That being said, I LOVE DRESSING UP!!!! Anyone who knows me knows that I love to dress funky, accessorize, and wear costumes. It’s so much fun making costumes and getting creative.

I may not go all out dressing up as much anymore, but the best part now, my kids… No, no, no, not MY kids. I don’t have any of my own, but my 300 students. Seeing them get dressed up, having their imaginations come to life, watching them transform, and being surrounded by such huge smiles is just THE BEST!

It’s all fun and games until someone eats too much candy. It’s my job to teach them about portion control, over eating, reading nutrition labels, sugar, and so much more. Have you seen one of these floating around social media?


*OMG if you’ve ever done a burpee you know that 75 burpess = death!!! All that for a “fun size” bag of M&M’s ummm not so fun!

If you haven’t yet I’m sure you will, they’re everywhere. These conversion charts may not be completely accurate, but they can sure shake you up. They’re great for a general “slap in the face” reminder that stealing a piece or two of your kids candy EVERY NIGHT for the next month can certainly add up!

halloween meme

*Don’t let this be you!

Listen, indulging every now and again is ok. A few pieces of mini snack sized goodies are fine in moderation. If you can’t seem to handle having these treats in your house without binging and looking like Augustus Gloop with a Wonka bar then maybe it’s time to dump some of the sweets!


Put down the candy, wipe off your face, and get sweating!!!! I’ve put together a free tabata workout for YOU! Have your kids join in and make it a family challenge. Teach your kids that there needs to be a balance between healthy foods, exercise, treats, and resting. Be the example! This Halloween I want you to host your own “BOO”TCAMP!!!

IMG_2999Happy Halloween :0)

XOXO, Jess