Summer is here! What bathing suit should YOU be wearing for YOUR body type?

Summer is here! What bathing suit should YOU be wearing for YOUR body type?

Let’s be honest, not everyone looks good in the same thing. It’s okay, just another thing that differentiates us and keeps us all unique! With that being said, most of us can relate to how awful bathing suit shopping is, ughhhh. You never look like the models in the magazines, your best friend always looks better in the suit you want to buy, finding confidence when you’re barely covered is painful, and well, it’s rough! Unless you’ve slimmed down, toned up, gone for a spray tan, had a manicure, gotten your hair blown out, put a full face of makeup on, and are in a store with amazing lighting…for most girls, bathing suit shopping typically stinks!

I want you to think back to all of your bathing suit shopping excursions; remember that time you marched into the mall with confidence, ready to take on the dreaded bathing suit battle, and just as you walked in you saw the most adorable brightly colored two piece suit on an even more adorable mannequin. Let’s call her Victoria. You immediately starting singing and joyfully humming in your head, “it was an itsy bitsy teenie weenie yellow polka dot bikini.” Victoria’s bikini didn’t have polka dots and it wasn’t even yellow, you were just so excited to look as good as her!

Victoria was accessorized perfectly with bold bangle bracelets and a big floppy hat. Her sandals had just the perfect amount of beading and sparkle. She was standing amongst two other perfectly fit and well-dressed smiling mannequin friends. You ran to the rack, pulled out three different sizes, three different colors, and skipped across the store the the closest fitting room.

To no real surprise, after trying to dance and squeeze yourself in without ripping the suit or breaking a leg…well, you felt like a stuffed sausage. How is it possible? Victoria looked amazing; nothing was hanging out, nothing was being squeezed over the edge, perfect coverage, everything in place. What was her secret?

Ladies… Victoria IS A MANNEQUIN! She isn’t real! There is NO secret.

When you tried on the first suit, it was actually causing you to grow a third breast. Straps were cutting off circulation, muffin tops, love handles, and well, you know the story…. it’s happened to all of us! So, you try on a larger size and then there were parts that weren’t covered, fabric was puckering, it was the type of fit where if one wave comes by it’s hello “wardrobe malfunction!”

The truth is, this happens to all women. Go figure, small triangles of fabric are difficult to get to fit “just right”….weird!

Let’s face it, for most of us, bathing suit shopping is not glamorous. It is a true battle, a test of strength, a dreaded event, and let’s just call it what it is….cardio (yes, haha if you’ve ever tried on suit after suit, you’d understand…it’s cardio!)

That being said, you can make your bathing suit shopping experience a little easier if you know what type of suit you SHOULD be looking for. You need to find a suit that best fits YOUR body type. Remember, not all suits look good on all people and that is because we are all different shapes. Check out this great bikini body article to find what type of suit looks best on YOUR body type.

Trust me, even though the itsy bitsy tweenie weenie yellow polka dot bikini looks great on Victoria or your best friend, it might not look great on you. You will feel much better in a suit that looks good on YOU and makes you feel confident. After all, confidence is the best accessory!!!


xoxo, Jess