Selma H.
 “Jess was the first trainer I ever had and she helped me lose my first 30+ inches! If it weren’t for her I wouldn’t be where I am today because I never had the courage to work out by myself or the confidence to believe that it would actually work.” 
Kate M.
 "Jess is one of the most influential people I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know in my short 23 years. I first met Jess when I was a severely overweight 15 years old at the local gym. She became my trainer for the next 2 years. I was extremely shy and insecure when we first started. I essentially didn’t talk to her during our hour-long sessions (wow I must have been frustrating haha) Slowly but surely though she helped me come out of my shell. She had enormous patience and this undoubted faith in me that I could lose weight and live a healthier life that eventually I started to realize I could do too. The pounds really started to melt off once I started believing in myself and with Jess’s fitness and nutrition guidance. When I started at the gym, I had no idea how to exercise and my idea of eating healthy was to simply not eat or eat only as much as I could burn off later. However, during my time with Jess she had instilled in me a vast knowledge of fitness to the point where I feel confidant walking into any gym and working out without judgment. She taught me about eating to sustain myself and that I needed nutrients to perform well in life and at the gym. All in all, Jess has helped me lose 113 pounds! But more than that, I’ve gained an immense knowledge of all things health and fitness related and a friend who I know will always be there to support me."