stepping out of your comfort zone

stepping out of your comfort zone

Okay, so what’s the buzz all about?
Everyone is talking about “stepping out of your comfort zone”. It almost seems to be a trend lately. Why has it gotten to be such a popular strategy NOW when it’s been around for hundreds of years? I can’t explain the sudden craze, but I can tell you from experience that stepping out of your comfort zone is truly amazing!

If you google “stepping out of your comfort zone” you will find countless articles, videos, books, quotes, and images for self-development programs related to taking that leap.

So, the idea is that nothing spectacular will happen when you’re comfortable. As defined by Alan Henry, the comfort zone is a “behavioral space where your activities and behaviors fit a routine and pattern that minimizes stress and risk” — the key words being stress and risk. In our comfort zone, there is a sense security and certainty; hence “comfort.” Once you leave that zone, you are then taking a risk, increasing stress levels, and actually causing anxiety by not knowing what may or may not happen.

By staying in that comfortable area life gets boring and stagnant. We’ve all been there; many of you are probably in that spot right now, the common funk. Think about a relationship that fizzled away and you remained together because it was easier to stay together than breakup. That relationship expired, you both knew it and yet you stayed together, bored, uninspired, maybe not even attracted to one another but you stayed together anyway. Or, how about that job that you stayed at for years where you weren’t challenged, weren’t excited to go to work, weren’t pushing yourself, just floating along to collect your paychecks. Yes, the money was nice, but life was dull!


Okay, now think about a time that you DID take a chance, you did step out of your comfort zone, you did something you didn’t think you could or ever would ever do. Close your eyes, really think about that moment, that experience, that FEELING. Sit with that feeling for a minute, enjoy all of the emotions flowing through you. Now I want to know, how did you feel? Even if you didn’t succeed or do your best, were you happy? proud? excited? overwhelmed? recharged? Doing something you didn’t think possible; that’s a pretty incredible feeling!

Really though, how can we ever advance forward in life if we are just sticking around the same comfortable area. In order to evolve we need to break away from habit/routine and take risks. Even if you fail, you don’t lose, you just learn. The only way to grow is to to learn!

Remember, it’s okay to be uncomfortable, it’s okay to have a little uncertainty and anxiety. These feelings will challenge you to grow into something you never thought you could become!

Stay tuned for the inspiration behind writing this blog :0)