Recovery: Before – During – After

Recovery: Before – During – After

I’m one-week post operation and I’ve decided to blog about my experience. I want to open up, get real, be raw, and to let you in on what happens before, during, and after. So, let’s back track.

Just over a month ago, Mike and I woke up bright and early to make our way down to Long Beach Island for Labor Day weekend; a mini getaway with friends. We had plans to ride bikes, climb the Barnegat Lighthouse, go kayaking, try stand up paddle boarding, play tennis and bocce, take out the boat, and so much more. The perfect trip for a crew that loves to be active!

We got down to the house just before 8am and met up with our friends for breakfast. Within the hour we were on our bikes headed to the lighthouse for a morning climb. Around and around and around we went up the 217 steps to the top, where we were rewarded with a gorgeous view of endless ocean. Looking down from the top of the lighthouse there was a jetty shooting out into the calm water. We decided to make the journey back down so we could enjoy the view from the end of the jetty.

The adventure seeking, daredevil, athlete, who always has to be upside down part of me was jumping along the jetty. I was trying to only take two steps per rock, causing me to leap (elegantly with pointed toes of course) from one rock to another. When that got boring I decided to give my best friend a piggyback ride, practice my handstands, and test out some fitness moves for photo-ops with the lighthouse in the background. (see pictures below hehe) All the while, Mike is telling me to “be careful”, “calm down”, “stop messing around”, and that “you don’t want to get hurt!” Not being as young and invincible as I used to once be, I made the very wise and conscience decision to stop fooling around.

He was right, what was I nuts? Playing in a handstand over jagged rocks with gaping holes that plunge directly into the cold water. I immediately stopped acting a fool and began to walk with the rest of the crew like a normal person. We got to the end of the jetty, turned back around to get the bikes and head back for some tennis. I made it about 20 feet and BOOM! Just like that, while walking, I missed my footing and somehow my left ankle rolled off the top of the rock… I heard the pop. I knew it wasn’t a normal sprained ankle. How? Well, because 5 years (and 2 days to be exact) prior I had a similar freak accident to my right ankle.

We continued to have a lovely weekend! I managed to hang in there, but it was a very modified, leg up, ice on, fighting the pain and swelling type of weekend.
As soon as we returned home I called the surgeon. You know how it goes; go in, he takes a look, wow it’s bad, let’s do an x-ray, nothing is broken, wear this boot, let’s set up an MRI, then DUN – DUN – DUUUUNNN…….

The Diagnosis = 2 complete detachments: Anterior Talofibular ligament & Calcaneofibular ligament

FullSizeRender-18(In English: We have some ligaments that work like rubber bands to connect our leg bones to our foot bones where our ankle joint is. Two of my precious rubber bands snapped!)

I guess you can say I went for the “two for one” special….

Next stop, SURGERY!

Stay tuned & follow my #roadtorecovery

Xoxo, Jess


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