Post-Op update from “Couchland”

Post-Op update from “Couchland”

Hey everyone!
Last week I gave you all the back-story about how the injury happened and told you that I would need surgery. So, here we go!

My surgery was on Friday, October 2nd. The night before I made sure to give my leg a good shave, make sure my toenails looked cute, and stopped eating/drinking before midnight. Mike and my mom both took me to the surgical center and within minutes of arriving I was whisked away into the pre-op room. Vitals taken, medication given, medical records reviewed, IV inserted, and up onto the bed I went. They scrubbed my ankle, marked my leg, and the next thing I knew I was awake with a cast on!



* Post surgery in the recovery room & laid up with my new sock hehe

Okay, so the easiest way to describe the procedure is basically like this. They needed to re-attach the two ligaments back to their rightful bones. My incredible surgeons (a daddy/daughter duo) pulled the ligaments back into place by stretching them. They inserted anchors – these are essentially molly bolts that get screwed into the bone and expand. Five years ago I needed 5 titanium bad boy anchors (for the exact same injury). Thanks to new technology and medical advancements, this go around I only needed two anchors. Plus, these anchors will actually dissolve into my bones over the course of a year. The awesome part is that the recovery time has been cut to less than half the time, Yippee!!! But, um ewwww!

They sewed me up and shipped me off on my crutches to the wonderful planet of “couchland”! I can’t sugar coat it or lie to you guys, the next 5 days were absolutely horrific. I’ll spare all the details, but I’m sure you can imagine. Fortunately, I had amazing crew of friends and family taking care of me, visiting, checking in, and cooking for me. Once day 6 hit things were looking brighterIMG_2894* Progress while getting my stitches out!

Last week I had my stitches removed and the surgeons said everything looked great! So, I’ll continue my life on crutches while non-weight bearing until further notice. The couch and I are still besties, but I did return to work yesterday. Nothing like having a Physical Education teacher in a wheelchair! The kids have had a blast pushing me around, racing me on scooters, and they are eagerly awaiting my Halloween costume :0) Here’s a throwback from last time…. wait to see what I have in store this year!



* Halloween 2010 – Just a Farmer & her Tractor :0)

Things are looking up and we are definitely making progress; but honestly, I haven’t told you the worst part….
Apparently there is a new protocol that patients must follow after any ankle/foot surgery in order to help prevent blood clots. Okay no problem, I’m all for preventing blood clots! However, the most effective way for the anti-coagulant medication to work is by a shot. Yes, a shot. A needle. In my stomach. That I have to administer everyday for 28 days. Yup, pinch my stomach fat, insert a needle, then inject what feels like 1,000 mg of burning, stinging, life-saving medication (don’t worry it’s only 40mg) But, holy cannoli THAT part is awful.



* The lovely 40mg Lovenox shot & my treatment recording book



Good news! Today is shot number 18, we are getting closer to the end!

Catch you guys later, Dr. Glazer has a syringe to tend to.