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Why Isagenix?

About me

Throughout my 13 years as a personal trainer I had tried every protein shake, pre-workout energy supplement, post-workout recovery drink, toxin cleanse, you name it. So many products are filled with dangerous chemicals, unnatural ingredients, fillers, food coloring, and other nonsense. I have spent years testing what the supplement industry has to offer only to be left unsatisfied, until recently when I was introduced to Isagenix! The Isagenix products are all natural with no fillers or coloring. They are chemical free and made with pure, whole foods.

They offer a variety of products and can even cater to lactose free, gluten free, kosher, and vegan diets. After finishing my first 30-day supply I noticed that my energy level increased, my muscle recovery after workouts was 50% faster, my hair/skin/nails were stronger and shinier, and my little bit of belly bloat was banished! I immediately began introducing the products to my clients and one after another they were becoming hooked! These products have helped my clients break through plateaus and barriers with incredible success.

I highly recommend any of the Isagenix products! Isagenix offers paks to meet everyone’s needs; weight loss, gaining lean muscle, healthy aging, increasing energy, and so much more! It’s worked for countless people, are you ready to start?

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