Jess’s Favorite Things

Jess’s Favorite Things

I’m not Oprah so, unfortunately I will not be giving away all of my favorite things to an audience of people. On the bright side though, I will be giving you a detailed list with links right to the items! These gifts are perfect for those last minute shoppers who don’t know what to get their fit chick friends and loved ones. The best part, they are all awesome items that won’t break the bank!

In no particular order (everything is under $100) DRUM ROLL PLEASE……

  1. Paderno World Cuisine Spiralizer (3 or 4 blade) $29.95-$49.95: This awesome kitchen gadget is great for incorporating more veggies into your dishes and it’s a ton of fun to use (great for the kiddos to help in the kitchen)
  2. 90 Degree by Reflex $10-$30: Workout clothing that is crazy affordable, comfortable, quality, and trendy! These seriously hold up so well and the best part is you can buy multiple patterns and colors because they’re so affordable. Break a sweat, not your bank account!
  3. You are a Bada$$ by Jen Sincero $9: This book is one of my favorite personal development books. Straight and to the point with reminders and tips on how to live your best and more bada$$ life!
  4. Mantraband bangle bracelets $25-$35: These are adorable and durable! Sweet and thin bangle bracelets that come in silver, gold, or rose gold. They slip right on and can be stacked up your arm. Each band has an engraved mantra centering around happiness, love, peace, strength, and the journey as a constant reminder.
  5. JBL In Ear Wireless Headphones$79.95-$99.95: I’ve tried dozens of different wireless headphones and these are by far the best (for me at least). They stay in my ear, they have great sounds, they’re easy to use, the charge lasts, and they work at a nice distance away from my phone. I believe mine are the “Liberty” edition, but the “Everest” and “Leap” are also great choices.
  6. Passion Planner $24.99-$29.99: I bought one of these last year when I helped their kick starter campaign come alive. These planners are perfect for the dreamers and doers. A place to write down short and long-term goals, while also having a place to incorporate actions towards those goals into your everyday life!
  7. Brad’s Raw Leafy Kale Chips $5.99: Maybe a stocking stuffer?! These are just OMG delicious!!!! They’re organic, vegan, gluten free, non-GMO, and oh so good! You can choose from 7 flavors (my favorite is the Vampire Killer #sorryimnotsorry) as well as some other yummy products.
  8. E+ Natural Energy Shot $36 for 12: Gone are the days of disgusting, chemical filled, heart racing energy drinks and shots. These bad boys will help give you that extra boost without the shakes, nausea, crash, and/or dangerous side effects. A totally natural way to increase energy, kick-start a workout, improve focus and clarity. (I usually drink 1/2 at a time because it’s all I need, plus it helps them last longer!)
  9. The Fitness Tee Co $9-$20: I came across this Etsy page last year and have ordered numerous tanks from them. They have dozens of catchy and sassy fitness slogans/jargon printed on them. New merchandise is constantly coming out and they’re extremely reasonable. Their fabric is a nice quality, shipping is fast, tons of color options, and they offer a “deal of the week” every week. Great gifts!
  10. Rockstar Body Program $79.99: Fully equipped with 12-weeks worth of workouts that can be done at home, in a small space, with no extra equipment, in 30 minutes or less! This is exactly what every busy girl who wants to get healthy and feel sexy needs! As if workouts aren’t enough, they also get nutrition guidelines, recipes, VIP access to a private Facebook community, support, accountably, and more. An incredible crew of women pushing each other to the limit.

Okay, so there you have it, some of my favorite things! I hope this can help some of you. Let me know what you think of these items. Comment below! Happy shopping :0)

Love & Burpees,