JESS GLAZER – Brand Launch!

JESS GLAZER – Brand Launch!

Hey there, thanks for popping over. I’m so grateful that you’re here supporting me and kicking off this brand launch!

So, I’ve been working tirelessly on new programs, creating magic with my incredible graphic designer, placing product orders, getting the word out, and of course updating the website. Once I do my job, then a lot of these moving parts will be out of my control. Well, I’m a control freak and that’s really hard to stomach. However, something I have been working on (for longer than I’d like to admit) is letting go of the things I can’t control. That being said, yes, there are parts of the website that are still “under construction” and yet, it’s launch day?! You know what though, I am totally 100% okay with that and here’s why. Being “under construction” is a good thing and it’s absolutely acceptable to be in progress. After all, perfection doesn’t really exist and progress is what it’s all about. I’m owning it; all the construction happening around me, because it is actually lighting me up! You can’t have a transformation without getting a little dirty from some construction. These types of transformation projects are what result in growth and that’s exactly what we’re looking for!

We all have a story and you can read about mine here, but right now all you need to know is that my story and my struggles have led me here. “Here” is just the current space I’m living in where I finally love my body, embrace my flaws, celebrate my strengths, trust myself, believe in myself, surround myself with positive/supportive people, practice daily habits that help me live my best life, and rock each day with an open mind and open heart. I didn’t get here overnight, it’s taken years of work; I’m talking like, the last decade. After putting in the work, overcoming failures, celebrating successes, and gaining expertise in the field, I am ready to share everything I have learned with you. Let’s walk this journey together!

Through my own transformation, I have witnessed first hand the unbelievable effects of having a community. I mean the concept of having a tribe is nothing new. Research has shown that humans are social beings and we have evidence throughout history where people form tribes to hunt, cook, raise children, live, and ultimately do everything together. The reason being, there is strength in numbers!

What’s the idea behind a health and fitness tribe? It’s a sisterhood, a powerful group of like-minded women with common interests and goals. Why try to face your fears alone when you can tackle them with an army? Why not proclaim your goals out loud to a community that believes in you and allows you to dream big? Why not link arms; don’t you want to feel love and support? It’s really simple, having a tribe of supporters makes the journey more fun and statistically proves that you’ll have more success.

Just as the triangles in my logo represent strength, resilience, and femininity. They also signify our past, present, and future selves. The triangles are also a symbol of our minds, bodies and souls; all crucial pieces in the transformation process. I will do everything in my power to help motivate, educate, and lead you in the direction you need. Together we will crush your fears, get gLazer focused”, and transform your life. This isn’t just about getting abs or a toned booty, it’s about owning your story, loving yourself, and finding your confidence so you can live your best life. Girl, get ready because we’re about to build friendships, muscles, and memories!

Sweat, Smile, & Sparkle,



Brand Launch Pieces

* Thanks to my amazing graphic designer and branding specialist Sibyl Smith with The Choice Umbrella

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