it’s MY turn

it’s MY turn

Ahhh, I am so, so, so excited to be introducing my new program to all of you! I wanted to put something together that I could give back to everyone as a “thank you” for all of your support and love during my competition prep, business launch, wedding planning, and now recovery from my injury. You are all so friggen amazing! So, here it goes. I put together a completely FREE, yes I said it, completely FREE 8-week e-course called “IT’S MY TURN”. This is NOT just a workout program and nutrition guideline, this is not in collaboration with any supplement company, there are NO catches.. This is for YOU! Anyone and everyone can join and I encourage you to please share this so that your friends and loved ones can jump on board. The only requirement is that you are a women, you are open minded, and you are willing to support others! I have set up a private Facebook page for all you ladies who are interested and you will receive VIP access to the tribe. From my experience, majority of success and happiness comes from inside, from personal growth, from you mindset. So, yes the food and workouts are important, but our minds are the driver to success. In this challenge you will receive all the tools you need for transforming you mind and body. Our “curriculum” will cover scheduling, goal setting, visualizing, gratitude, forgiveness, positive thinking, and so much more. I wanted to incorporate the “challenge” aspect to help hold YOU accountable and give you some extra motivation…and duh so I can give our WEEKLY prizes!!! Who doesn’t love prizes?!?! Of course, there will also be a grand prize winner at the end of the 8 weeks who will receive my 12-week guide and a personal one on one coaching call with me!

As if this all wasn’t enough already…. free nutrition guidelines, free training programs, free mindset coursework, free giveaways, prizes…..I have another surprise!

I will be participating in the challenge along with you, ultimately to be able to compete again, but for now I want to regain my strength and confidence post-surgery. I will be shredding for my wedding in April! I need to motivation and support just as much as you do. Together, we are going to make it our turn!

Just comment below if you’re interested and I’ll plug you into the page. The challenge will run from Jan 4th– March 6th. The deadline to be added is Jan 3rd. Talk soon!

#itsMYturn #itsYOURturn #itsOURturn

Love & Burpees,