Fitness in the Park

Fitness in the Park

To keep things interesting and keep yourself motivated, change it up!

Check out my Fitness in the Park video for inspiration :0)

Remember when you a were kid and everything was a toy, anywhere was a playground, and a cardboard box was a castle?!? Get back to your roots, make anything/anywhere your playground, your gym, your castle!

I know for me being in the gym everyday can get boring and during the gorgeous, warm weather of summer; it’s practically depressing to be inside.

Head to your local park or playground and use what’s there. Even if it’s just grass, it’s a different perspective, a different view, and a breathe of fresh air… literally!

Put together a HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) workout filled with exercises using your own body weight. It’s free and all you need is to bring yourself (and maybe a water bottle, and probably towel, and you should grab a phone to take sweaty selfies for social media posting #whatsyouralterego hehe)

No, but seriously…. Burpees, push-ups, lunges, squats, frog jumps, sprints, crunches, dips, crab walks, bear crawls, ski jumps, pistol squats, you name it!!!

If you do have some playground equipment or picnic benches around, take advantage and get creative!

Swings are great for ab exercises. Benches can be used for dips, step-ups, box jumps, and decline push-ups. Stairs are an awesome tush workout, whether you’re jumping up them, lunging across, or just stepping up. Jump on the monkey bars and practice pull-ups, climbing, and swinging.

It’s not rocket science and you certainly don’t have to be a certified trainer to PLAY! Just like you did when you were a kid, get moving, get creative, get motivated, and have fun!

Hopefully, next time I’ll see ya outside :0)

xoxo, Jess