FIT TRIPS (Friendship Inspired Training) ....cute, catchy, fun, but what are they and why?!?!

Let's get real. This is how it all went down. I love to try new things. I love to meet new people. I love to experiment with fitness classes. I love to sweat. I love to feel empowered (who doesn't). I love to feel a part of something bigger. I love being on teams. I love to learn. I love to get uncomfortable. I love talking to strangers. I love that little pit in your stomach when you're nervous over something new and exciting. I love networking. I love when my friendship circles collide. I love eating healthy yummy food. I love trying new restaurants. I love planning. I love being organized. I could keep going, but I think you get it. I know, it's a little strange, most adults don't really like any of those things. But, thanks to my strange habits....Fit Trips was born!

For some odd reason it suddenly becomes hard as an adult to step out of our comfort zone, try new things, and make friends (say wha-aaaat!) Anyone else out there feel me? Making friends as an adult, especially girl friends is just like hard. Does it really need to be though? It wasn't hard to make friends, talk to strangers, or try new things back when we were kids, so what gives? Are we making it harder than it needs to be? You've all been there; feeling judged and stared at, being sized up, standing awkwardly in the corner when all the other wives and girlfriends are laughing in the distance. What do you do? Just walk over and start talking, inch closer until someone notices, tell a joke that is totally inappropriate and no one laughs, ughhhh #thestruggleisreal. We've all been in the situation before at your husbands/boyfriends work event...now imagine walking into a gym to take a fitness class where you're going to be hanging upside from a circus silk (and you hate heights!) I mean, HELLO....no, scratch that, I mean HELL NO! Even for weirdos like me, it's still a little scary. But, whenever it's a little scary and I feel a little out of place, THAT is when the magic happens!!!

Last night I was doing "research" for an upcoming Fit Trip. I can't plan a trip for a bunch of girls if I've never taken the class myself. So, I had to get myself into the city to test this new class out. As much as I love doing things on my own, it's always nice to have a friend tag along. Going last night was sort of a last minute decision and it was the only time that fit into my schedule, so I knew I had to make it happen regardless if I was riding solo or not. I asked a few friends throughout the day and no one could come, but my mind was set and I was going anyway (despite the little nerves). I packed my stuff up, headed over to the park and ride, waited for the 4:52 bus and sat in over an hour of traffic (PS I live like 18 minutes away eeeek). Once I got into Port Authority I had to jump in a cab (because thanks to traffic I was running late) and then head all the way across town to the East river and up to 90th street. Then walk around completely clueless looking for the gym, figure out which door to go in, register, and then stand there waiting for a 7pm class to start. So yeah, there was a lot of time to think.... What am I doing? Maybe I'll just surprise Mike at work and we can go out to dinner instead. I should have waited until someone could come. I don't know where I'm going. Is it going to be too hard? Maybe not hard enough...ugh what a waste of time and money. Yes, I'm normal and just like you, ALL of those things were going through my head. See, but the thing is, every time a thought like that pops up or I have doubt, I stop and think; WHY.....

Why am I even going- because the YouTube video of the class looked amazing and I've been thinking about it and wanting to try it since I first saw it in April....hello it's mid-July, let's get a move on

Why didn't I just wait until a friend could come or until the actual Fit Trip- because I want to make sure that I'm organizing Fit Trips that hold value; trips that will be worth the other girls time and money, trips that will rock their world and leave them feeling energized and alive

Why do I even think for one second that I can organize such trips...who am I- well chickies, this is where YOU come into play. It is my passion to help as many girls as possible get over that scary little hump because I know what it feels like on the other side. I want to spread that feeling to as many girls as possible. There is seriously nothing better, no greater high then the endorphin rush from sweating, trying something new, overcoming fear, and surrounding yourself with other girls who are in the same exact boat....it's friggen addicting!!!

As my Fit Trip flyer launch says, "Fit Trips are fitness based field trips where women can build friendships, muscles, and memories. They have been designed to help us get more comfortable stepping out of our comfort zones and trying new things. Fit Trips offer a non-threatening, high energy, judgment free, and incredibly motivating environment for women of all ages and fitness levels. These trips are not all about fitness; they are special days when we get to take a step back, focus on ourselves, bond with like-minded women, and celebrate crushing our fears with a little post workout cocktail (or two, remember we don't judge!)"

That's just it. It's that simple. Fit Trips are just safe place for us to come together and put all that fear aside. Ladies, let's face it....when a bunch of women come together and support each other ummmmmm BIG THINGS can happen. It's a tribe to support you, cheer you on, laugh with you when you mess up, catch you when you fall, push you just a little harder than you'd push yourself; a reason to take some time for yourself and not feel bad, a place to recharge, reenergize, and reboot....omg I'm getting chills just writing this!!!! Are you fired up yet?

If you're scared, this is for you. If you're not sure, this is for you. If you kinda wanna try, this is for you. If you're already a hell yeah, this is for you. Ladies Fit Trips are for EVERYONE. The beauty of Fit Trips is NO drama, NO bullsh*t, NO mean girls, NO judging, NO experience needed. You get to bring your friends, take your safety blanket, try out something new, tap into your alter ego and hey, you never know where it can lead you! Pssst.....don't forget the food/cocktails afterwards #winning!!!

Stay tuned for our monthly Fit Trips and maybe, just maybe, we'll be coming to your area :0)

Love & Burpees, Jess