WHAT’S INCLUDED              

  • A complete easy to follow 12-week E-book program written out for you to print, save, and use daily
  • 5 Workouts every week (including HIIT Cardio & Active Recovery)
  • Nutrition guidelines and tips
  • Suggested grocery list and easy to follow shopping guide
  • Access to a private VIP Facebook group that is a completely safe, judgment free, magical place where women from around the world can encourage, support, and motivate one another. This is the perfect environment for you to step out of your comfort zone to share transformations, ask questions, trade recipes, reach out for support, and celebrate each other’s successes. You get the tools you need for personal growth so you can shine from the inside out! Our weekly Facebook Live videos dive into topics ranging from breaking down barriers, dealing with fear, understanding nutrition, and even muscle recovery. There’s even optional coursework to help reinforce the topics. We discuss it all! The best part is that together we build habits, confidence, friendships, muscles, and memories!

Written by: Jessica Glazer