Terrifying Tabata to burn those Halloween Treats….Muahahaha!!!


July 4th- Earn your stars & stripes!

July 4th; when we come together to celebrate adopting the Declaration of Independence. The day that the United States formally separated from Great Britain back in 1776. Typically, our July 4th festivities look very similar and include cookouts, concerts, family, friends, bathing suits, parades, drinking, and fireworks. It is not uncommon for any summer cookout…

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Spiralizing with my momma

Like many of you, I celebrated Memorial Day yesterday surrounded by loved ones and food! Mike and I spent the day with my parents and of course our furry puppies! We were spoiled with gorgeous weather and BBQ’ing. My mom had prepared some delicious food for the boys; you know bison burgers and pork tenderloin…

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What’s in my fridge?

My Sunday routine is generally the same; sleeping later than 5am, getting an awesome stress-free workout in, enjoying time with Mike, doing laundry, hitting up multiple grocery stores, food prepping for the week, writing, reading, relaxing, recharging, dinner with my parents and taking a nice Epson Salt bath! As we were putting away the groceries,…

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Guilt free spicey cauliflower buffalo bites

Being vegan doesn’t mean I have to miss out on treats, junk food, and social party snacks. Here is a delicious and guilt free version of a healthy buffalo bites. Bonus- they’re vegan and gluten free :0) Let’s face it; cauliflower is the new black! It’s trending with foodies right now, trust me. Watch out…

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My Favorite Kitchen Gadgets

Everyone is always talking about meal prepping, and to be completely honest, I have found that meal prepping really does make my life so much easier. Think about a pineapple… mmmm…when it’s sitting on the counter it looks yummy, but do you really want to deal with cutting it? Instead of taking the time to…

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V-Day the Heart Healthy Way

I’m all for a romantic night out, wining and dining your loved one, and feeling special; however, Valentine’s Day, like many things has gotten out of control. For most, it’s just another excuse to over indulge on unhealthy foods, candy, chocolate and spending money. So, let’s raise our glasses (of water, duh) to a different…

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