Are you TIRED of the same old workout?

Have you ever seen the crazy events and races where people are flipping gigantic tracker tires? How about the World’s Strongest Man Competition where it looks like they can throw 800 pound tires around like they’re foam Frisbees? Okay, so what’s the deal with that anyway? Workouts like this have

Beat those winter blues

For so many of us this time of year is dark, cold, snowy, and basically depressing. While this may not apply to everyone, it certainly happens to enough of us that it needs to be addressed! Living in the North East, I completely understand how miserable winters can be and


“Seeing the finish line and having the strength to reach it. It’s what we do.” -unknown I’m not sure that I’m looking for the “finish line”, because my goals are bigger than just reaching a line and stopping. However, I have definitely set myself up with small water station goals

What does strong mean to you?

Last weekend, I attended a fitness camp. This was no ordinary fitness camp, this was STRONG CAMP hosted by the incredible and inspiring Strong Fitness magazine. The basic rundown…. 40 women from all over the world (yes, my own roommate flew in from Scotland!) of all shapes, sizes, and fitness

What’s the deal with gratitude?

Gratitude seems to be all the buzz these days. It’s not a new concept, but it’s been spreading like wildfire; so what gives? According to a recent study from Harvard and Forbes Magazine, practicing regular gratitude can have the following positive effects: • General happiness and optimism increase • A