10 Random Facts about ME!

Far too often we get caught up in the daily grind that we forget about the little things. You know, the things that make us unique and special. I decided that this week I wanted to share 10 random facts that you probably don’t know about me. Hopefully, this will

Beat those winter blues

For so many of us this time of year is dark, cold, snowy, and basically depressing. While this may not apply to everyone, it certainly happens to enough of us that it needs to be addressed! Living in the North East, I completely understand how miserable winters can be and

My Favorite Kitchen Gadgets

Everyone is always talking about meal prepping, and to be completely honest, I have found that meal prepping really does make my life so much easier. Think about a pineapple… mmmm…when it’s sitting on the counter it looks yummy, but do you really want to deal with cutting it? Instead


“Seeing the finish line and having the strength to reach it. It’s what we do.” -unknown I’m not sure that I’m looking for the “finish line”, because my goals are bigger than just reaching a line and stopping. However, I have definitely set myself up with small water station goals

S-T-R-E-T-C-H it out!

So, what’s the deal with stretching anyway? Like many health topics, the debate on stretching is always changing. One day it’s bad for you and another it’s the best thing since sliced bread. From my own research, years of training, and personal experiences, stretching has always helped me. Here are

What’s in my fridge?

My Sunday routine is generally the same; sleeping later than 5am, getting an awesome stress-free workout in, enjoying time with Mike, doing laundry, hitting up multiple grocery stores, food prepping for the week, writing, reading, relaxing, recharging, dinner with my parents and taking a nice Epson Salt bath! As we

What’s the deal with gratitude?

Gratitude seems to be all the buzz these days. It’s not a new concept, but it’s been spreading like wildfire; so what gives? According to a recent study from Harvard and Forbes Magazine, practicing regular gratitude can have the following positive effects: • General happiness and optimism increase • A