Booty-Building Breakthrough

Booty-Building Breakthrough

Four years ago I snapped 3 ligaments in my ankle and had to have major reconstructive surgery. My incredible surgeon patched me back together with 5 anchors and 5 pins. I was in a wheelchair with my leg elevated for 4 months, on crutches for an additional 2, in physical therapy for nearly a year, and it was 7 months before I was walking without assistance or a cast/boot. Ever since then, I have had trouble building my leg strength back up. I have been weak, unstable, insecure, and cautious. I occasionally have some pain, but honestly I am usually just scared to push myself and I often baby my ankle.

This past week I had a booty-building breakthrough in the gym. It may not be impressive to everyone and there are absolutely girls who squat way more, but I proved to myself that I could… For the first time ever, I completed my squats on the Olympic Bar with the 45 lb plates. I was squatting 135 lb. like a boss! I have actually never even given myself a chance or tried. I was in the zone, I was determined, and I was ready to breakthrough the barrier. Let me tell you, I felt pretty darn bada$$! It wasn’t just the amount of weight that had me strutting around the gym like I owned the place, it was the fact that I did something I didn’t think I could.

I am still floating on the natural high that it gave me. I’ve decided to run with that feeling and push myself just a little bit more in all aspects of my life! I’m never usually one to put up walls or hold myself back, I’m not sure what it was; my best guess is fear or maybe just an easy excuse, a crutch I guess (no pun intended) eeek.

We all know how important it is to believe in yourself, think positively, visualize what you want, trust yourself, blah blah, etc. But, this was a smack in the face for me;the reminder that I needed. This was proof. No injury will hold me back. No one can stop me. No excuse will take over. No barrier will stop me from achieving my goals.

This tiny booty-building experience inspired me to remind all of you that YOU too can do it, whatever it may be! I want you to start saying daily affirmations to yourself and truly believe them! Here are just a few ideas :0)

  • I am brave, I am strong, I am confident, I am enough
  • When I support myself I feel supported by the world
  • I am free from self-doubt, I am limitless, Why not me
  • What I believe I will receive
  • Action conquers fear

Don’t forget, this isn’t just for physical achievements…this is for life, for you, for your dreams and goals.

Strength doesn’t happen overnight, it builds with each step you take!

xoxo, Jess

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