Are you TIRED of the same old workout?

Are you TIRED of the same old workout?

Have you ever seen the crazy events and races where people are flipping gigantic tracker tires? How about the World’s Strongest Man Competition where it looks like they can throw 800 pound tires around like they’re foam Frisbees? Okay, so what’s the deal with that anyway? Workouts like this have been around for years, but they recently started making a comeback and are becoming mainstreamed into fitness programs. So, what’s the deal with tiring yourself out?

Tire flipping is actually an incredible total body strength and conditioning workout. It focuses a lot on strengthening your posterior chain and building overall power. Depending on the time and distance you flip, it can also be a pretty intense aerobic workout as well.

Why, attack a tire?     Well, tractor tires are huge and practically impossible to destroy, so you can really give them a beating. Don’t worry about taking out frustration on these monstrosities, they can take it! Imagine throwing around a few hundred pounds of rubber after a stressful day; talk about an endorphin release! You’ll feel like Superwoman.

Where can you get a little dirty and throw around some heavy tires?       Since this type of training is becoming more mainstream in the fitness world, tons of gyms are offering workouts that are more rugged and tailored to this type of training, with tire flipping. Check your local gyms, boot camps, functional training facilities, speed schools, and sport specific training centers. If you are interested in picking up your own tire for personal use, call your local trash, recycling, and commercial trucking centers to see if they have any they are willing to part with.

How do you flip the tire properly?     You may want to wear gloves to protect your hands. Start with the tire flat on the ground and place your fingers as far under the tire as you can. Keep your feet hip width apart and your hands shoulder width apart. Get down into a deep squat and stick your booty back. Keeping your core tight and your back flat, start pulling the tire up with yours arms and have your legs explode out of the squat simultaneously. As you are standing and the tire starts to lift you should have enough momentum to quickly flip your hands from the underhand pull position to an overhand push position. Snap the tire over and push it to complete a flip so that it lands on the other side. Squat down, get your fingers underneath and repeat.

Depending on the weight of the tire and your experience, you may need to include using your knee to help pop the tire up high enough so that you can push it through the full movement. Remember, never compromise proper form for heavier weight. Start lighter and master your move before adding weight.

So, next time you want to feel like a bada** and change up your workout go flip some tires!