Trust me, even “gym junkies” need an extra kick in the booty every once in a while. Whether we can’t seem to find our mojo or are frustrated with slow progress or just being plain tired and stressed…it’s often a challenge to give it your all. So, what can you do to change that?

1. Goals:

The first thing you need to do before taking on a new fitness venture (or anything for that matter) is set some goals. These need to be “SMART” goals!

  • Specific
  • Measurable
  • Attainable
  • Realistic
  • Timely

Fancy I know! But, what does that mean? Well, think of where you want to be and what you want your future to look like (physically, financially, emotionally, whatever). Make sure that you FOCUS and zone in on exactly what you want to achieve. Then make sure it’s attainable. Losing 100 lbs in a month is not a great goal. By “not great” I mean you need to be realistic…maybe losing 10 lbs is a good short-term goal and 100 lbs could be a wonderful long-term goal! Make sure your goal is measurable in the sense that you can distinguish what will need to be done to get there…. What measurable ACTIONS are you going to take?

So, are you looking to lose weight? Maybe gain weight? Wanting to put on some lean muscle? Learning how to play an instrument? Whatever you chose, you need a clear cut path on how to get there. So now write a few goals down (trust me, actually writing them down makes a huge difference…it helps your brain connect with your own personal accountability). With each goal jot down a few ACTIONS that you will need to take in order to reach that goal. For example maybe you need to drink more water, buy a gym membership, hang a chart that you can track when you practice your instrument…. Sign it, date it, and give yourself an appropriate amount of time to achieve it. Now post it somewhere that you’ll see it everyday!!!

2. Inspiration:

This may mean different things to each of us and that’s okay…it’s about whatever works for YOU! For me personally, as silly as it sounds, I love to put on crazy funky leggings or brightly colored sneakers…or any fun new gym apparel for that matter :0) It may sound crazy, but that helps give me the extra push mentally that I sometimes need. Putting on bright/cute clothing makes me want to jump around and show it off. For some people it may be listening to a certain type of music that pumps them up (I also use this tactic, especially during cardio). For some, maybe looking at some quick inspiration pictures helps (except, please don’t get caught up on FB or IG scrolling through inspiring hotties for an hour and then it’s “too late” for the gym). Maybe you can workout with a partner or hire a trainer to help give you that extra boost.

Find something you love….if you HATE running then don’t do it…if you LOVE dancing then take a dance class or Zumba for cardio. Try something new and constantly change it up so you don’t get bored….kickboxing, yoga, rock climbing, trampoline gyms, kayaking, it doesn’t matter. Just get moving! Having something to work towards or look forward to is always great motivator! Maybe you can book a vacation, or maybe you have a wedding coming up, or maybe you just want to sign up for a race/obstacle race with your friends. However you have to…make it fun, make it a game! You’ll realize that once you’re able to get inspired to be “in the zone” you can push yourself so much harder and accomplish things you never thought possible!

3. Nutrition:

Nutrition is key! Alright, listen up….

  • Your body is a machine
  • A machine built to run itself
  • Cavemen use to work and eat to SURVIVE
  • They had to physically hunt, gather, build, walk miles a day…
  • We now work to LIVE
  • Surviving and living are different (we are very fortunate now with all our luxuries and conveniences; however, we are not using our bodies as machines anymore)
  • Although we may be more sedentary now our bodies are still machines and they work day and night to run smoothly
  • In order for your machine to run smoothly you need to fuel it well
  • Fueling it means Healthy, Whole, Real, Natural foods
  • Think about it, you wouldn’t fill your car up with soda
  • It’s as simple as that
  • Fuel up, move around daily, and your machine will perform and last

So, to fuel our bodies properly we first need to stop depriving ourselves of food and calories! Get over counting calories, get off the scale, stop worrying about numbers. Our bodies are made to take care of themselves as long as we take care of them. Stop eating fake processed garbage. It’s that easy. Can you have a treat every once and while….of course!!! But, we don’t need to consume empty calories, tons of sugars, and fake food.

When you start working out you may feel that you are more hungry then normal, and that’s fine…great actually! It means your body is working and your metabolism is revved up. So, eat! But eat properly. Just because you’re working out doesn’t mean it’s okay to stock up on Snickers.
           Don’t workout to erase the garbage you ate!
By eating a balanced diet of whole real foods your body will be able to work harder, your brain will be more clear, and you’ll have more energy. Proven fact!
Remember, food is fuel!!!

Oh yeah, and if you seem to get off track or eat too many treats….own it and get back on track. No sense in ruining the entire day with more junk or falling off the healthy wagon. Just realize that you went overboard and get back on! The best part of nutrition and exercise is that YOU are in total control. Take charge!!!
Lost & Confused about what to eat….Stay tuned for some great healthy recipes coming your way!

4. Routine:

Stop making excuses about not having time. We all have the same amount of time everyday and YOU decide what you want to do with that time. Are there times where emergencies or other priorities come up and you can’t get your workout in….of course! That’s fine…it’s life! But, using those excuses everyday will get you nowhere fast. Make your fitness a routine and watch how much more successful you’ll become. By exercising regularly you’ll find that it becomes easier to keep the habit, you feel better, you sleep better, you think better, you’re getting stronger and healthier, the list goes on.

Try to set aside a time block each day where you can fit your workout in whether it’s an hour going to the gym, or 30 minutes for an outdoor walk, or 20 minutes of a high intensity workout in your basement….time block it into your schedule like an appointment and don’t skip it! Maybe make a check list or accountability jar where you can keep track of your workouts. You can also pick an accountability partner, workout buddy, or training appointment. When you have completed a measurable goal, like an entire month of workouts then treat yourself to a reward (which we’ll discuss next). But here’s the thing, if you miss a workout don’t beat yourself up over it. This only causes stress and negative thoughts in your head. Just like with your nutrition…..own it and get back on track the next day.

5. Rewards:

Okay, so the last thing I want to address is rewarding yourself….Yipeee!! You did the work now you deserve to celebrate it. What better motivation than knowing that you’ll be getting a massage, maincure, buying a new dress in a smaller size, taking a vacation, or having your roots touched up. Whatever it may be…make sure it is something that has meaning. If you can’t stand having someone touch your feet then don’t reward yourself with a pedicure, duh! Here’s the thing though….STOP rewarding yourself with food! We are not dogs. Remember, food is fuel….nothing more!

Okay so there you have it…5 things to help boost your motivation and ability to give it your all!

  • Set your goals
  • Get inspired
  • Fuel your body
  • Make it routine
  • Reward yourself after

Get to work!!

Love and Burpees,