10 Random Facts about ME!

10 Random Facts about ME!

Far too often we get caught up in the daily grind that we forget about the little things. You know, the things that make us unique and special. I decided that this week I wanted to share 10 random facts that you probably don’t know about me. Hopefully, this will inspire you to think of the many different things that make YOU who you are!

1. I grew up with a ton of dogs, mostly all golden retrievers. My first dog was Sable, our german shepherd. Then we had Dusty, Daisy, Dakota, Sammie, and Rascal (all goldens.) My mom volunteers with Golden Retriever Rescue, so we always fostered dogs too. Our house has never been dog hair free! We currently have two handsome pups, Charlie (another golden), and Bentley (a flat coated retriever) !


2. I studied abroad in Australia for 6 months and traveled around the entire country. I had the amazing opportunity to student teach Physical Education/Health in an Elementary School while I was there. Oh, and of course I played with kangaroos, held a koala, scuba dove at the Great Barrier Reef, and learned to surf!

3. When I was younger, I won the Level 5 All-Around Title for the NJ Gymnastics State Championships. I’m standing front and center in the bottom row, who knew I was so tall back then?!?!

FullSizeRender-8 FullSizeRender-6
4. I have broken my foot 3 times, fractured 2 vertebrae, and had surgery to re-attach 3 ligaments in my right ankle. This picture was after my ankle surgery, I was overwhelmed with cards from my students!

5. My first real concert was Janet Jackson (the velvet rope tour) at Madison Square Garden with Usher as her opener, before anyone knew who he was.

6. I am terrible at spelling and it’s always been a weakness. My parents still proof read all my blogs and writing :0)

7. When I was 12, I was part of an exchange program for gymnastics that allowed me to live and train in Angouleme, France for 3 weeks. Sixth months after returning the French gymnasts came to stay with us for a few weeks. I will never forget their faces when we brought them to NYC! Below is an article from the French newspaper about our visit! I’m in the bottom row kneeling, second in from the right :0)

8. I’ve always had a rock star edge. In my early twenties I had colored highlights in my hair; not all at the same time, but I rocked light pink, dark pink, blue, and purple! It’s hard to see some of the purple, but you can definitely see the blue ends here!

RI graduation 028
9. After getting my B.S. in Kinesiology at The University of Rhode Island, I moved back home and enrolled in The Fashion Institute of Technology in NYC. I studied accessory design, interned with Heidi Klum, XOXO, Jordache Jeans, and US Polo Assn. I crashed in my brother’s apartment on the Upper East Side for a year. Here are some bags inspired by “gray-dation”.

10. Don’t ever ask me to sing. I have a terrible voice!

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